Creating Vodcasts

Creating the Vodcasts

What you will need to create online videos

posted by Jerry Overmyer, October 2011, updated March 2013

When Jon and Aaron began creating vodcasts many, many years ago (2007), recording and posting videos was a “tech savvy” endeavor. You needed to have special software and the process of recording videos and posting on the web took quite a few steps.

Well, fast forward to 2013 and creating online videos has never been easier. Just a few years ago I was ruminating how in a of years it would be great if you could “hit record, press stop, press upload to web” and have a video! Well we have arrived!

The easiest way to post a video is through Jing or Snagit. They capture anything on you see on your computer screen, as a short video, and lets you share it instantly. And I mean instantly! I recorded a video, hit save and was like “Okay, where did it go? How do I find it?” It automatically copies the link as if you had hit Control-C. So all you have to do is go to where you want to post the link and hit Control-V!!

Another really easy way to make a video is through Screencast-o-Matic. It is a web-based vodcast tool that uses Java to open a recording screen. (You will be prompted to run or update Java.) You hit record, then you can upload directly to YouTube or save to your desktop. No software needed!

The downside to these easy programs is that you cannot edit your videos. (However, you can do basic edits directly on YouTube)  The most commonly video editing software among flipped class teachers is Camtasia. Camtasia also allows you to embed quizzes directly into the videos! I also have heard of iMovie for Apple products, but have not used these.

There are also screencast apps for the iPad, and a great review of the products can be found HERE.


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