Frontiers of Science Institute

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2015 Program: June 14-July 24

Morning Session

   Monday, July 20th

Ross 1010




  8:15 –   8:30

Christopher Erickson

Using Geospatial Analysis to Find Potential Wind Farm Locations in Kansas

  8:35 –   8:50

Evan Stewart

Genetic Algorithm Applications to GIS Optimal Location Search

  8:50 – 8:55

Christopher Erickson Evan Stewart

GIS wrap up

  9:00 – 9:25

Cian Colgan
Sahitya Talachutla

Gene Annotation in Drosophila Species

  9:30 – 9:55

Maddy Cronenberg
Nate Ellinger Giffin

Progress on the Effects of Chiral Ionic Liquids in Synthesizing Chiral Molecules

10:00 – 10:20

Jireh Pulley

Examination of the Small but Healthy Hypothesis in Illyrians from Albania

10:25 – 10:45

Alex Lambrecht

Identifying Dietary Change Over Time is Durrës, Albania

10:50 – 11:15

Preston Le
Esme Fahnestock

Imaging Transcription Factors in HCT116 and MCF7 to Determine Localization and Structure


Afternoon Session


Monday, July 20th


Ross 1010

12:30 – 12:55

Mehraud Razzaghi Connor McCafferty

The Effects of Changing the Substituent Group on the 4 Series of a Para-disubstituted-O-benzylhydroxylamine on Efficiency as an Anti-tumor Agent

  1:00 –   1:25

Aneesha Panda
Durga Balasubramaniyan

Analysis and Comparison of Unknown Transcription Factors (ZBTB274, ZNF274, ZNF277) in MCF7 Breast Cancer Cells Versus HCT116 Colon Cancer Cells

  1:30 –   1:50

Ellie Draves

Spectra of Planar Graphs and Their Duals

  1:55 –   2:20

Steven Cromer
Josh Seedorf
Grace VanderWoude

Observing the Effects of Radiation on Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes

  2:25 –   2:40

Christian Traverse

Altruism & Human Happiness

  2:45 –   3:05

Leighton Burt


Life Saving Locating

  3:10 –   3:35

Christina Gaw
Sara (Eva) Key

Evaluation of Meta Substituted O-benzyl-N-(9’-acridinyl)-hydroxylamines

  3:40 –   4:05

Kavya Ganuthula Kristi Cook

The Effects of Exercise on Doxorubicin Induced Cardiotoxicity on SERCA2 Expression



Afternoon Session


Tuesday, July 21


Ross 1010




1:30 – 1:55


Bixby Daugherty Dylan Walker


The Isomerization of Humulone into Isohumulone


  2:00 – 2:25


Natalie Arroyo
Sruja Machani


Differentiating Pyramidal Neurons in the Prefrontal Cortex



  2:30 – 2:55


Andrew Parker
Yolnan Chen


The Didjeridoo and it’s Acoustic Properties: Physical Variation and it’s Effect on Frequency and Amplitude


  3:00 – 3:25


Danielle Fiedler Nathaniel Thomas


Photometric Analysis of Transiting Exoplanets





Colorado and Wyoming Student Application


Out-of-State Student Application


What is FSI?

Initially, FSI was designed to stimulate high school seniors' interest in science (with priority for rural students). Today, FSI focuses on enhancing scientific aspiration and achievement of Colorado's high school juniors and seniors who possess strong interest and aptitude in science. FSI strives to balance rural and urban participation, maintain gender equity, and recruit students from underrepresented groups.

FSI's primary goal is to provide students with authentic, engaging experiences to stimulate their knowledge, skills, and interest in STEM subjects. Additionally, FSI students are challenged to build their self-confidence and ability and to initiate their future academic and professional planning. Students benefit from experiences where they step outside their comfort zones, realize important societal roles they can fill, and pursue their most ambitious goals.


The Frontiers of Science Institute (FSI), founded in 1959, was inspired by the launch of Sputnik. At that time, university educators recognized the need to generate stronger U.S. interest in science. FSI was one of the very first state-focused science Institutes that provided enrichment for bright science-oriented students. Consistent corporate and private funding has permitted FSI to continue to prosper for 50 years.

How Does FSI Work?

For six summer weeks, 25-30 students become immersed in a learning environment with dedicated instructors and mentors, boosting their self-confidence and facilitating self-discovery. FSI seeks to reach beyond the high-school curriculum by introducing new scientific concepts within a workshop setting. FSI students are immersed in learning-for-the-thrill-of-learning, residential STEM experiences to stimulate their interests so they can set and work toward personal, educational, and professional goals.

FSI participants, selected for their overall academic proclivity, science interest, and aptitude, engage in STEM studies science, technology, engineering and mathematics) during field trips, industrial visitations, seminars by professionals from academia and industry, and mentored research, as well as classroom and laboratory activities.

Participants live and dine in a UNC campus dormitory, and work in classrooms and laboratories within UNC's newly expanded and equipped Ross Hall. Beyond its daily curriculum, FSI promotes personal and social growth by introducing participants to college life and community living. As a result of these experiences, FSI students build rich insights into today's science and technology and become aware of options for future STEM careers.


FSI is located on the University of Northern Colorado campus in Greeley, CO, a small urban community of about 80,000.

Who May Apply?

Student's who have strong interest in and aptitude for science and are currently in their sophomore or junior year of high school.

How to Apply?

Complete and return a full application by the stated deadline. Application materials are sent to all in-state high schools and can be found on this site under 'Summer Programs->Student Appications' to the left, requested by letter, telephone or e-mail.


FSI begins the third week of June and concludes the fourth week of July. (Students may choose to take the 6-week course for college credit. A scholarship to attend UNC may also be awarded to students who select UNC as their higher education institution.)



If interested in making a monetary contribution to FSI, please visit our donations page, or contact Thank you.

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